Team Bus Ride

Marco was struggling to fall asleep unlike the rest of his team. Falling asleep on a bus was never something that he never could do. He stood up from his seat and looked around the bus. It looked like everyone was asleep except for him, including his coach. Heck, even the bus driver looked like he was half asleep. Marco figured he might as well watch a movie or something since he clearly wasn’t getting any shut-eye anytime soon. He pulled out his phone and scanned through some of the movies that he downloaded onto his phone for the team trip. He looked out the window and up at the moon and decided on a scary movie to fit the atmosphere of the night. The woods to the side of the bus were hardly illuminated by the street lights and the full moon. The bus slowed to a stop, and Marco looked out to the front of the bus and wondered why there was a traffic light in a place like this, out in the middle of nowhere.

Tap, tap, tap.

Marco jumped up in fright from the tapping noise on his window. He cupped his hand to the window and there was a man. A homeless-looking man in battered up clothes standing right next to the bus. The man waved at Marco. Marco in shock, and unsure of how to respond waved back. The traffic light turned green and the bus drove off leaving the man behind. “That was a bit creepy,” Marco thought to himself.

After Marco shook off the thought of the man he popped his earbuds in and started playing his movie. He rested his head against the window and after a few minutes, he finally felt his eyes getting heavy. The bus came to a stop again, this time at a 4-way stop sign.

Tap, tap, tap.

Marco snapped up again. There was the man again, standing outside the window waving at him again. “How the hell?” Marco muttered to himself. As the bus started to pull away from the intersection, the man started jogging next to the bus. Except, the man only looked like he was jogging. The bus was easily going at least 55 miles per hour, and here was this man trotting next to the bus side by side with it all while staring back at Marco. Marco didn’t notice it before because of how dark it was, but as the man ran underneath each passing street light he noticed that the lower half of the man’s body was some sort animal. It was as if it had the upper body of a man, and the lower half was that of a dog of some sort.

Marco turned to his teammate Alex who was sitting beside him. “Alex,” Marco shook him awake and he groaned. “Alex, look at this guy out the window.” Marco turned to show him the man running beside the bus, but when he turned back to look he was gone. Nothing was there.

“Marco, what?” Alex replied groggily as he rubbed his eyes. Marco cupped his hands to the window and looked out. Nothing was in sight.

“Uhh.. nothing. Nevermind sorry.”

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