Early Birthday Present

“C’mon Selena, we have to go to the bank so we can have your 8th birthday party tomorrow.” Selena pulled open the door to the car and hopped into her booster seat.

“Can I get a lollipop?”

“As long as you’re good the entire time.”

“I will. I want the butterscotch flavor!”

“I can ask if they have any. Now buckle up.”

After driving a couple of miles through the city, the rusty black Honda Civic pulled into the bank. Selena unbuckled herself as her mother walked around the car to let her daughter out.

“Remember, you have to be good the whole time to get the lollipop.”

“I will mommy.”

Selena grabbed her mother’s hand as they walked across the parking lot and into the bank, which was busy as usual. Everyone was trying to sneak in their visit to the bank before the weekend. Selena and her mother waited in line as the two bank tellers called people to them one by one. Selena was starting to get impatient but stood still and didn’t make a peep. She really wanted her butterscotch lollipop. Finally, they were called up and her mother leaned against the counter. Selena looked out the big glass doorways into the parking lot. She could see her reflection perfectly in the slightly tinted windows. Passed her reflection, there was a man in the parking lot with tattered clothes. He was approaching the doors with a pistol in his hand. Selena tugged on her mom’s shirt.

“Mommy… Mommy!” Selena shouted.

“Selena, I told you that you need to be-”

“Mommy, that man has a-”

The man shouldered the door open and immediately fired two shots into the ceiling. “Everyone drop to the floor now!” Some people hesitated, some dropped the seconds the shots were fired. “Now! Or else one of these bullets will be neatly placed into the back of your head!”

Selena’s mother grabbed her daughter’s wrist and pulled her down to the floor. The man pointed his gun at her. “You, take this bag and tell the clerk behind the counter to fill it up.” The man tossed her a large black duffle bag. Selena’s mother nodded shakily, grabbed it from the floor and placed it on the counter. She stared at the clerk and pushed the bag over to her.

“Faster!” the man shouted as he approached her. The clerk starting shoving wads of cash into the duffle in a panic. The man looked down at Selena and grabbed her arm, yanking her up. He then pushed the gun into Selena’s head. “You better pick up the pace or this one is gonna get it.”

The clerk ran to the other kiosk and popped it open. “Mommy..” Selena croaked, tears welling up in her eyes.

“It’s okay baby, look at me. Everything is going to be okay,” her mother responded, trying to soothe her.

Just as the clerk finished filling the bag and started zipping it back up, the man pointed the gun at the clerk. “Give it to me, now! Hurry-” the man’s wrist was whacked with a wooden cane by a man that snuck up behind him. The gun clacked out of his hand and onto the floor. The man swung with the cane again at his head. The robber blocked the blow with his forearm, yanked the cane out of the man’s hand and swung it back at him. He connected with the side of his head, knocking the man out. The robber dropped the cane and looked down at the floor for the gun. He turned around and there was the girl, standing there shaking with the pistol in her hands.

“Girl, give that back. Selena took a few steps back with the gun quivering in her hands. The man held out his hand. “Give it to me, and I won’t hurt you. Selena continued to back up, her entire body trembling. “GIVE IT TO ME!” The man screamed and lunged at her. Selena closed her eyes and screamed. There was a loud bang, and her ears were ringing.

She opened her eyes and the man was falling forwards towards her. His body collapsed onto the floor in front of her. His wide-open eyes looked up at her, with a blood-filled hole in his forehead. Blood dripped down his face onto the floor which puddled up under his body. Selena dropped the gun and covered her mouth in shock with her trembling hands. She looked up to her mother, who was also shaking in shock. Selena then saw her reflection in the big glass doors at the entrance. Her face and clothes were stained with a large splatter of the man’s blood. Selena didn’t remember much of the rest of the day other than being rushed to the hospital, and her mother giving her the lollipop she wanted.

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