My son was crying again. My eyes refused to open as the baby monitor echoed with his wailing. Apparently, he had no intention of allowing anyone in the house to sleep tonight. Just as I was about to get up I could hear my wife humming and my son’s cries quieted a bit. The creak of the rocking chair began as my wife started to rock my restless son and began humming to him. I could hear her hushes and hums between his wails. I grabbed my pillow placed it over my head and rolled over in the bed violently trying to muffle the cries. I hit a lump in the bed next to me.

“Honey, could you go to him this time?” My wife’s voice whispered next to me. I snapped my eyes open and hurled my torso up, flinging the blanket off my body. I turned and looked at the baby monitor, then looked back down to my wife next to me. My son was crying, the rocking chair was creaking, and the voice in my son’s room was still humming. I leapt out of bed as fast as I could and I was at my son’s bedroom door shouldering it open in a matter of seconds. My son was lying on his back in the rocking chair, which was still slightly wobbling. I picked up my shrieking son, trying to soothe him by bouncing him as I held him to my chest. Suddenly, the bedroom door behind me slammed shut.

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