Gated Community

Things started to get very odd in Newton lately. There seemed to be a lot more activity from my neighbors than there usually was. I live in a gated community yet this “community” didn’t feel like a community at all. There was no interaction between the neighbors, ever. Nobody was ever around, people were never out of their houses. Except for some reason, a lot more lights were on at night, and people seemed to be bustling around in their houses after dark. I never personally heard or saw anything, but things seemed out of place when I would look out my window into the other houses. Shadows would be moving. Lights would be on in the dead of night. Also, I could swear I could almost hear faint whispers in the night. I decided to stop by my next door neighbor’s to see if anything was up.

I knocked on the front door and called to them. “Hello? Mr. Richards are you home?” There was no answer. Which was fairly normal actually, there was never an answer anymore. I pushed open the door and there they were. Mr. and Mrs. Richards with their son, sitting at the table in the dining room. Nothing particularly odd in normal circumstances I guess. However, considering that they are mannequins and can’t move, it was a bit odd. Especially since I haven’t had actual human contact with anyone in over 24 years and the last time I visited the Richards they were watching TV in the living room.

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