Bodhi pulled his eyelids down with his fingertips in frustration. He has been getting interrogated for almost an hour now and he’s been unable to quite put his thoughts to words. The investigator sitting across from him at the table was visibly getting frustrated as well.

“Look Mr. Uhhh..”

“Weppler,” the interrogator responded.

“Mr. Weppler, it’s just. I don’t know, my memory is so hazy from that night. It’s hard for me to explain”

“Bodhi, you need to try. This is serious. You could have come in contact with an alien species of some sort. Do you know how important this could be? This could mean that we aren’t the only planet in this universe with life on it. Your story could give us so much information about ourselves, this universe, and the explanation of life in general.”

“I know, you’re right. Alright fine, I’ll explain the best that I can at least,” Bodhi said as he took a deep breath. He then delved into his story of the odd night that occurred a few days ago, explaining and piecing together the night the best he could.

Bodhi tossed and turned in his bed for a couple hours, unable to lull his mind to sleep. Every day at work seemed to get more hectic than the last. He pushed himself up tossing the covers off his body and decided to go for a walk. Perhaps getting a breath of fresh air would help clear his mind. Bodhi slipped on his shoes, pulled the door shut behind him, and headed for the nature trail. He looked up at the sky, the stars glimmering in the sky behind some of the hazy dark clouds. He sighed realizing this was probably going to be another night where he was going to only get around ten hours of sleep.

As he approached the edge of the woods to the nature trail Bodhi thought about work and his friends which seemed to slowly move away from home. Many of them were working on the other side of the planet now. Everyone seemed so involved with their own lives now that it was hard to stay in touch anymore. Bodhi ran his hands along the trees that he passed in the night as he followed the trail into the woods. The insects chirping that were hidden in the darkness came to a sudden stop. Everything went eerily silent and Bodhi turned to look behind him. Nothing was there. Nothing was in front of him, nothing behind him, and there was no movement in the trees from what he could see. There was a very faint humming sound which sounded like was coming from above him. A star up in the sky seemed to be moving, and not only moving, growing in size. As Bodhi looked up at the growing star, he realized that it looked more like the bright end of a shining flashlight. The flashlight-like star then shot a beam of light over him, he looked up and realized he wasn’t looking up at the sky at all. It was the underside of a giant dark metallic object.

“See I don’t really remember what happened after that. Just fragments of things,” Bodhi said to Mr. Weppler.

“That’s fine, try the best you can. Did you see anything else, did you see someone or something?”

“Oh I definitely saw something.”

Bodhi awoke in an enclosed chamber of some sort. He was entirely encased in a pill shaped glass bubble. Something leaned over the glass bubble and looked at him. There were two figures that were mumbling something that Bodhi could not understand. Both figures to Bodhi looked extremely hairy. One had black hair all over its face and on top of its head, and the other was a bit more well groomed but had extremely long yellow hair coming from its head. The one with long hair was wearing some type of metallic looking glass screen over both of its eyes and was wearing a white mask. It pulled the mask of its face and said something in a foreign language to the extremely hairy figure. They both nodded and then the pill filled up with a misty substance.

“These two figures that you saw, they were speaking?” Mr. Weppler asked.

“Yes, they were definitely talking about something. I’m not sure what they were saying, it was in some language unlike I have ever heard before.”

“So after that, what happened?”

“Nothing that’s all I really remember, I just woke up as if I fell asleep in bed. Except supposedly I woke up three days later.”

“And you woke up with those odd markings on your body?”

“Yes. I have no idea where those came from.”

“So, how about what they were saying. Could you make out anything that was said? Or could you explain what they were saying sounded like?”

“I don’t know, maybe? There were some things that they seemed to say a few times. There was a point where I felt conscious but was unable to open my eyes. Almost like I was sleeping but I could hear that they were speaking around me.”

“So what did some of the things sound like?”

“I don’t know what it means but they were definitely saying a few words that I could make out that were repeated.”

“What were these words?”

“Well one was erth? Another was umm.. nasaw, or something like that. The last one was said a lot but I don’t know if I can even say it right. But it sounded like america?”

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